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Our Services

Refresh Management

This includes changes as simple as replacing a PC or as complex deploying new network infrastructure,  changing or adding internet service providers, Back Office upgrades, or implementing new technology innovations into retail locations. This includes full asset management and inventory control of equipment and devices.

Maintenance & Deployment

Preventative, Corrective, and Predictive maintenance service is what separates us from the rest.  It is how we achieve little to no down time for our client's customers. 

We physically analyze first hand and in person, on a consistent schedule year round, that enables us detect and prevent problems from ever occurring, extending equipment lifespan, and replacing hardware and peripherals before failure occurs unexpectedly.

Intrusion Detection 

Certainly the most overlooked security flaws and in most vulnerable places in any establishment.

We install our Live Network Intrusion System, that enables remote engineers to monitor 24/7/365 activity. With two-way audio/video capabilities, can respond in a live environment to communicate over with anyone entering your data or telecom rooms.

Incident,  Resource, and Problem Management (IRPM)

IThe registration and processing of all trouble tickets, complaints,
and requests within your organization.
Resource Management addresses, updates, and dispatches field engineers to resolve tickets.

Problem Management pinpoints and fixes major structural problems within your organization before critical issues occur.

Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

Enterprise Service Management (ESM). Establishing and supporting all departments such as IT, Facility, and HR  to provide employees the best support possible.

In its simplest form, ESM means we provide your employees one portal for all their questions (sometimes called Shared Service Management or SSM). In advanced mode, it means supporting departments share the same tools and processes and introducing one Shared Service Desk.

ESM is vital for a great self-service experience, too. Your employees shouldn’t have to wonder whether they have to contact IT or Facility when they have issues with their desk phone. Offering one self-service portal for all their questions and calls greatly improves overall an efficient service portal to your employees.

We Specialize in IT Preventative Services

"Auditing commercial companies and other major retail locations for vital weak points, can ultimately prevent major financial losses from ever occurring. Prevention is critical, and preventative maintenance isn't always performed regularly, as it should. Statistics can show that 78% of retail locations are critically inviting threats into delicate environments.   Shockingly 91% of retail locations I visit primarily have costly equipment that is under-maintained... It is a difficult thing to address if you do not know what to look for."


Nathan Garcia

Field Engineer

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