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Preventative Maintenance

This service is a must have deployment for your retail locations and covers all IT equipment, routers, switches, servers, back office computers, cash registers, printers, handhelds, charging docks, and peripherals such as keyboards, mice, scanguns, and displays. Occurring 4x a year we take pride in clean detailing and equipment management. We summarize every aspect after cleaning and provide a professional closeout, that includes all the details of equipment status and providing before and after photo delivery


Cabling and Termination

  • Commercial Installation 

  • Low Voltage design

  • Site Surveying

  • Cable Certifying

  • Cable Upgrading

  • Repairing

Intrusion Protection 365

This is a standalone connected service that works 24/7/365. Protecting your network rooms, construction sites, dealerships, swap meets, and other high security areas from any unauthorized access. A mandatory layer of security for areas that are vital to business operation and can preventing downtime, theft, vandalism, or  financial loss due to compromised equipment. 


  • Dedicated 4G LTE Connection

  • PTZ 1080P camera

  • Siren Option

  • Two way audio/video option

  • Monitored around the clock.




Smart Technology Conversion

Let us show you what your home can do.  FREE CONSULTATIONS

  • Doorbells

  • Locks

  • Lights

  • Outlets 

  • Cameras

  • Smoke & Oxide Detectors 

  • Appliances

  • Vacuums

  • Personal Assistant

What Our Clients Say

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Jennifer Diesman -  SHI Corp Services for US BANK

"The technician very professional and friendly. The assignment was done in a prompt and precise manner. He was easy to work with, and would definitely retain services again."  


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